Top Tips on Wood Floor Cleaning

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Apparently, so that you can enjoy your wood floor for quite some time, it is imperative to offer it good care and maintenance. Care and maintenance not only bolsters the longevity from the wood floor but in addition transforms any dull and grimy looking wood floors to gleaming, gorgeous and clean ones. One of the effective ways of taking good care and maintenance of wood floor is via cleaning them correctly. Cleaning your wood floor regularly and effectively will ensure that your floor goes decades while not having to be sanded and refinished or even needing a new coat of varnish.

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However, before you clean your wood floor, it would be judicious to find out the type of wood floor finish in your floor. This will help you to establish the most suitable wood floor cleaning approach to apply on floor. Remember, occasionally, it is the finish, and never the type of wood, that determines how you can clean and care for your wood floor.

Below are a few of the best tips that may point you within the right direction concerning how to clean your wood floor properly:

Vacuum Regularly

The first and most important wood floor cleaning is regular vacuuming. A regular vacuuming schedule goes a long way in eliminating all of the tracked-in dirt that that may wreak havoc on your wood floor�s finish. Remember, debris and dirt particles are abrasive. Over time, these unsavory particles have the ability to leave behind fine scratches which will impair your wood floor shine and beauty. Fortunately, nothing eliminates fine debris and dirt in the cracks and crevices of a wood floor being a good vacuum cleaner.

It is vital that you choose the right vacuum for your wood floor cleaning. An ideal vacuum for wood floor cleaning would be one with an attached brush that runs across the floor. As a rule of thumb, if you use an upright vacuum model, make certain you turn off the rotating brush to prevent scratching your wood floor finish.

Attack Spills and Scuffs Immediately

Seemingly, spills will happen. However, when they do, make sure that you clean them immediately. This can be achieved via using an absorbent cloth. Letting spills dry on your wood floor not only dulls your floor but also attracts additional dirt. In order to ensure that the spills are very well taken care of, use a damp towel after absorbing the spill by having an absorbent cloth, after which buff dry.

Don�t Over Wet

Water will have a negative impact on your wood floor. It not just has the ability to ruin the conclusion of the wood floor but in addition penetrate deep into the wood and impair it. Consequently, you should close the windows when you are expecting rain. Additionally, wipe up water on the floor immediately.

Conclusively, to make sure that your wood floor remains dirt free, you can use interior and exterior doormats at entrances to collect dirt and debris.


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